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" Her connection with my deceased grandmother was unmistakably real and amazing. I am very moved by the whole experience. AMAZING!"

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​Ericka Marcia Boussarhane
International Psychic Medium
Radio Personality
Public Speaker,Teacher and Author
850 941 4321

International Psychic Medium Ericka Boussarhane is a highly respected psychic known for her amazing abilities to communicate with loved ones from the other side. Ericka has helped countless people with issues in relationships, career, family, health, finance and more .She uses her mediumship, psychometry, clairaudience, clairvoyance and clairsentience to help others find closure and insight in the lives.

​As a psychic mediums she is able to connect with loved ones who have crossed over to the other side. Ericka is a generational psychic that uses no divination tool for her readings. Ericka has been featured on TV and interviewed by national radio stations across the country. She hosted her own weekly popular radio show "Whispers from the Heart."

Ericka provides in depth psychic or mediumship readings to clients in person or via the telephone. She is also available for corporate events, group readings, and psychic parties. Appointments are often available 24 hours / 7 days a week.

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​You May reach Ericka at 850 941 4321 or

I offer online scheduling using BookFresh

Rates for Readings:
$60 for a 30 minute session in person or over the phone.
$125 for a 1 hour session in person or over the phone.

Private Parties:
At your location are $40 per person with a minimm of 10 people.
At out Location $20 per person
Great for Birthdays, Private Parties, Birthday Parties , Bachelorettes, Girls Night Out, Corporate Events, Family Gatherings, and more!
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I offer online scheduling using BookFresh