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Welcome on board, giving out snorkeling gear and life vests, educational briefing, travel to the Shell Island area (about 15 minutes, look for dolphins and get in the water when appropriate. The dolphins usually do not stay around the boat for long. Clients can stay in the water as long as the dolphins are present and as long as the dolphins tolerate human presence. Then they get back on board and we continue on either to catch up with them and do it again or look for other dolphins depending on their mood. If the visibility is good, we may travel at low speed along the beach to look for stingrays, baby sharks or other sand dwelling fish. If the surf conditions allow it, we beach the boat at Shell Island, explore and look for shells. Check out small lake for gators. We also stop to snorkel by the jetties, which is habitat for allot of different fish species including Angel Fish, Blue Tang, Spade Fish, Grouper, Snapper, Lookdowns, wrasses, Jacks, Needlefish, Mullet, etc. Back inside the bay for shallow water seagrass wading or snorkeling (wet lab) and snorkeling on a 24-foot boat wreck sunk in 8 feet of water during Hurricane Ivan. Cruising inside the bay if time allows it and back to the dock. By request, our Shell Island eco tour will take you to the nature preserve and bird sanctuary ideal for bird watching. The order of activities will depend on water conditions and guests preferences. Since the dolphins are wild and in their natural environment, we cannot predict or dictate their behavior and we will not force them to come close. If they do, it will be their choice.


Please see our Q&A for more.

We are proud to be among the operators who DO NOT FEED OR PET WILD DOLPHINS CLICK HERE TO READ WHY

The price of the dolphin tour includes the dolphin swim, dolphin educational package, free bottled water. It does not include gratuities. Our captains work hard to facilitate this experience for you.


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Children are welcome to participate in our dolphin tours. Our staff has years of experience with helping children in the water during their dolphin swim and on board the boat.

Your children will love the close proximity of dolphins and will probably remember their dolphin tour for the rest of their life.

We have deep ladders to make it easier for you to get back up on board from the water after each dolphin swim. All our boats are equipped with double shades.

You are welcome to bring your own cooler and snacks if you wish.

Swim with dolphins in Destin. It is difficult to find a dolphin tour in Destin that will allow you to get in the water with the dolphins. We are conveniently located at less than an hour from Destin, Florida. We welcome clients from Destin on our dolphin tours.

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