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Alvin Shawn Enfinger is of Creek Indian descent and a member of The Santa Rosa Creek Tribe has a Masters degree in Environmental Studies and Anthropology from UWF in 2007 and got certified in Reiki 1 & 2 in 2011 and as a Herbalist in 2015 from Kathy Hubbard and Reiki Master Teacher from The Healing Clinic in Ft. Walton Beach in early 2016 as well as Pranic Healing and and has continuing education certificates in Crystal Therapy, Energy Healing, Angel Healing, and Understanding Auras. He has attuned many students in the local area to Reiki 1 and 2. He believes in an abundant world of energy all around us and uses it to help others learn to help others with ancient energy healing arts that can improve one's spiritual, etheric, emotional and physical well being. Enfinger has travelled and lived for over 8 years in Belize, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Cuba and Colombia and has stayed with indigenous peoples and witnessed many amazing traditional healing ceremonies that had almost unexplainable magickal results. When he asked the tribal Shaman or healer, he was told that healing was done by tapping into other realms of energy that surround us.